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1. Which of the following shows the least responsibility of the seller? ( )



2. In F.O.B, the buyer is obliged to ________ . ( ) A. make shipment. B. pay freight.

C. clear the goods for import.

D. bear all the costs and risks after the goods pass over the ship’s rail at the port of


3. Which one of the following offers is firm? ( ) A. B. C. D. A.

We offer you, subject to our final confirmation, the following goods. We are making you, without engagement, the under mentioned offer. Our offer is subject to change without notice.

This offer should be withdrawn if not accepted within 15 days. most popular B.great popularity

4. Our products enjoy________ in world market. ( )

C. good seller D.selling fast

5. Which of the following L/C can be negotiated by the paying bank when a number of

documents such as shipping documents, invoice, insurance certificate etc. have been joined by the exporter. ( )

A. Documentary L/C B.Irrevocable L/C C.Confirmed L/C D.Transferable L/C 6. We should be pleased to send you some samples of our new typewriters on approval,

________ our own expense. ( )

A. At B.on C.for D. in

7. Since three/ fifths of the voyage is in tropical weather and the goods are liable to go moldy,

we think it advisable to have the shipment ________ the risk of mould. ( ) A.

covered insurance B.taken out insured C. covered against D.insured for

8. The price is _______ of your 5% commission. ( )

A. Includes B.covering C. Inclusive D. including

9. We regret to report that a consignment of silk piecegoods _______ Order No.56 has not been

delivered. ( )

A. With B. for C. on D. under 10. The following credits that give the beneficiary a great assurance of payment are

A. Revocable L/C B. Irrevocable L/C Confirmed L/C Transferable L/C 11. You can find_______ for black tea here. ( )

A. a ready market B. most popular C. great popularity D. selling fast 12. We are glad that we have an agreement on this matter _______. ( )

A. come B. got C. reached D. arrived 13. We have made _______ that we would accept D/P terms for your future orders. ( ) A. clear B. it clear C. that clear D. it is clear 14. we would make you the following offer, subject to your reply_______ us not later than

November 25. ( )

A. reach B. reaching C. reaches D. being reached 15. We assure you of our full_______ in executing the contract. ( )

A. cooperation B. attention C. intention D. appreciation 16. _______ our S/C No.301, we wish to say that the goods will be shipped by Oct.10. ( ) A. With reference to B. Refer to C. Referring D. With refer to 17. _______ your letter of March 5,we are pleased to inform you that the L/C has been received.

( )

A. Replying to B. Replying for C. Replied to D. Replied for 18. I suggested he should himself to his new condition.( ) A. adopt

B. regulate

C. suit

D. adapt

19. He took a note on the calendar to himself of their luncheon date. ( ) A. remember B. recall A. visited

C. remind D. regret

20. It was the second time that they the museum. ( )

B. would have visited C. had visited D. would visit

C. under progress D. at progress

21. The business negotiation is well between the two companies. ( ) A. under way B. in way

22. It is important that the hotel receptionist that guests are registered correctly. ( ) A. make sure B. has made sure C. made sure D. must make sure 23. The British constitution is a large extent a product of the historical events described above. ( )

A. at B. within A. It being B. It is A. mustn’t have done C. mightn’t have done A. as B. when

C. by

D. to

24. evidence that language-acquiring ability must be stimulated. ( )

C. There is D. There being B. wouldn’t have done D. didn’t have to do C. after D. while

25. It was very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you it. ( )

26. I had just started back for the house to change my clothes I heard voices. ( ) 27. We are pleased to you that 6000 dozen shirts under Sales Confirmation No.C123, L/C No.5678 have gone off on S.S. “Dragon”.( )

A. ask B. inform C. speak D. talk

28. Claims for or incorrect material must be made within 30days after arrival of the goods. ( )

A. lack B. scarcity C. shortage D. rarity 29. you accept our offer, please cable us for our confirmation. ( ) A. until B. unless C. if D. as

30. We feel very regrettable that we cannot accept nay order for Tin Foil Sheets at present. ( )

A. it B. this C. that D. what

31. We hope you will consider our counter-offer most favorable and cable us acceptance

you earliest convenience. ( )

A. of B. for C. on D. at

32. Last year we shipped walnuts to you the extent of 500 metric tons. ( ) A. by B. within C. in D. to

33. You may sell the merchandise at the prevailing market price less one percent. ( ) A. consign B. consignor C. consignee D. consignment 34. We thank you for you cooperation. ( )

A. in advance B. in beforehand C. in progress D. in proceed 35. According to the shipping ___ it will be impossible for us to ship the goods in October. ( ) A. schedule B. timetable C. plan D. scheme 36. This offer is firm subject to your immediate reply _____ should reach us not later than the end of this month. ( )

A. it B. they C. what D. which 37. _____ your information, we have received a crowd of enquiries from buyers in other directions. ( )

A. On B. For C. By D. At 38. We enclosed our Purchase Confirmation No. 4848 _____ duplicate. ( )

A. in B. for C. with D. through 39. _____ you like other items, kindly let us know and we shall be only too pleased to make you offers direct. ( )

A. In case B. In the case C. In this case D. In that case 40. We lodge a claim _____ you _____the short-weight. ( )

A. with…with B. for…for C. with…for D. for …with 二、名词解释 1. EXW 6. DDP 11. D/A 2. FCA 7. FOB 12. P/L 3. CFR 8. EMP 13. S/C 4. DAF 9. INV 14. T/T 5. CIF 10. CPT 15. WTO 三、英汉翻译题

1. Because of their softness and durability, our all cotton bed sheets and pillowcases are rapidly becoming popular.

2. Our wide connection among those who do business on silk places us in the most favorable

position for doing business on the possible terms.

3. We regret to inform you that the goods shipped to us on May 4th are not in accordance with

your samples.

4. We shall send you our Sales Confirmation in due time after receiving your confirmation of acceptance.

5. As you know, a lot of foreign businessmen are desirous of trading with us so as to expand the business in China.

6. We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our thanks to you for your close cooperation. 7. Just a few lines to inform you that we have today opened an L/C to cover our purchase of Surgical Instruments.

8. We fully appreciate your anxiety that the shipment should be made as soon as possible. 9. We take the liberty of recommending ourselves as a leading importer of black tea. 10. We are a state-operated corporation handing light industrial products.

11. We are exporters of long standing and high reputation, engaged in exportation of following articles.

12. Our regular purchases in quantities of not less than 100 dozen of individual items we would allow you a discount of 2%.

13. He said he favors development of permanent trade relations with China.

14. With regard to our order for 600 sets “Butterfly” Brand sewing Machines, We have already received your Sales Contract No.5678.

15. As the goods under Contract No. 1986 are now ready for shipment, please rush your L/C with the least possible delay.

16. We might add here that, owing to heavy demand, our offer remains firm until December 20 and that there is little likelihood of the goods remaining unsold once this particular offer has lapsed.

17. We wish to call your attention to the validity of the L/C since there is no possibility of L/C extension.

18. We confirm having cabled you an offer of 30 metric tons walnut meat at RMB 21,860 Yuan per metric ton CIF European Main Ports for November shipment.

19. It will be appreciated if you will immediately let us have your firm offer for machine tools, preferably by cable. 四、汉英翻译题

1. 我们从瑞典驻北京的大使馆商务参赞处得知贵公司的名称和地址并被告知你方欲购纺织品。

2. 请您寄给我们各种产品?#21335;?#32454;资?#20064;?#25324;型号、颜色和价格以及所用各种品?#35797;?#26009;的样品。3. 按照你方要求,兹另邮寄中国棉布的样本二份。

4. 由于希望与你公司建立业务关系,我们向你们自我介绍,我公司是法国南部各式男女衬衫的进口商。

5. 除非另有?#24471;?#25110;约定,价格一律没有折扣。

6. 现附上我方第2787号合同正本两份,请会签,并早日寄回两份。

7. 你方二月十五日函悉,并已转交了上海公司。他们会直接答复你们,因为你所询问的商品是他们经营的。 8. 报价时,请?#24471;?#20320;方的交易条件和就每种商品购买量不少于100打所能给予的折扣。 9. 我方已另寄给你方样品和三本商品小册子。

10. 假如你方能?#37038;堋?#20184;款交单”支付方式,我们将非常感激。 五、写作题

1. Write a firm offer to your old customers covering the following contents. The letter should have a full content including a subject and complimentary ending.

The following MP3 is a new product of your company. The information of the commodity is as follows:

Wireless MP3/WMA Player; Comfortable & Ergonomic Design;

Suitable for listening to music while jogging;

High Quality Sound; Play File: MP3, WMA;

Memory: 32M/64M/128M; PC Interface: Full Speed USB; Key: Play, Stop, Up, Down; Battery: “AAA” size; Weight: 50g;

Playing Time: 8~11 hours; Company: EC21 Inc.

Address: 085 Trade Tower, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

2. Write a letter to a foreign company for establishing business relations covering the following contents:

a. the source of your information b. your intention

c. your business scope

d. the reference as to your firm’s financial standing e. your expectation


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